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Ruby, King of Gems

Ruby, King of Gems

Rubies have long been considered as the king of gems due to their exceptional beauty, rarity, and symbolism. Here are some reasons why rubies are often referred to as the king of gems:

  1. Exceptional beauty: Rubies are renowned for their stunning deep red color, which is caused by the presence of chromium in the crystal. This color is often described as a "pigeon's blood" red and is highly valued for its intensity and richness.

  2. Rarity: High-quality rubies are extremely rare, especially those that are larger than a few carats. The scarcity of rubies adds to their value and allure.

  3. Durability: Rubies are one of the hardest gemstones, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes them ideal for use in jewelry that is worn frequently, such as engagement rings.

  4. Symbolism: Rubies have been associated with royalty and power for centuries. In ancient times, they were believed to protect their wearers from harm and bring good fortune. In modern times, rubies are often given as a symbol of love, passion, and devotion.

Overall, the combination of their exceptional beauty, rarity, durability, and symbolism have contributed to rubies being considered as the king of gems.

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